E-Mail Banners, Hitpages and Websites
On apex101.net are a few samples of banners sized for use in E-mails.
The thin ones are also suitable for use in web rings.  Most are linked to sites or pages.
Check them out and ask us how to use them.

We also do E-mail ads, Hit Pages (with or without video{s}),
Websites, Animations, Posters, Covers, Letterhead, Business Cards
and Photo Shop work.  Ask us for prices.

$45.00**       SALE!      $95.00**
1) Our prices start at $65.00 per banner and $250.00 per hit page.*
Ask if you qualify for one of our SPECIALS!
2) Will host your hitpage here on apex101.net for $12.00/month. $8.00**
Can use your domain name or get you one for $35.00. $25.00**
*Prices include banner posting here for one year or as agreed.
Will link your banner to your existing site for an additional $10.00.

3) We will create or recreate your website, starting at 2 pages for $300.00. $175.00**
4) Videos, audio files, Flash and animated .gif's not included.   Call for a quote.
5) We will also maintain your existing hitpage or website.  Price depends on workload and starts at $40.00/month. $25.00**

We are only here to promote your products or services with quality at the best possible price.

If you are your country's representative, a doctor, a lawyer, an artist, a salesman or anyone else,
we can make YOU look better!

** NOTE: at these low prices all sales are final there will be NO refunds.

For more information, e-mail
or request it here:

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