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The Kingdoms of Magic Book 1 Excerpt

      Green smoke comes swirling up from the floor and into part of the room as purple vapors cascade around it.

      The Princess and Nana Step back, shocked, the princess jarring a small table behind her.  A cup seated on it falls to the floor with a loud metal clang, splashing water all over.

      Starania appears from the smoke with one of her guardians, a Wiplock.  She’s holding a Drackna spear upright.  She is a Tarkin. Tarkins are human-like in structure. Some have bat-like wings. They have large horns that curve inwards and then outwards on the top of their heads.  They have pointed ears.  Their faces are fairly flat with glowing almond-shaped eyes.  Their teeth are very sharp and pointed. . . .

      The Princess, astounded, quickly yells, “How dare you come into my room!  Who are you?  What do you want?”

      Starania bows as she assures, “Have no fear Princess, I am here on behalf of King Shadak.  He has heard your father, King Zurich, is ill and sends his regards.”

      Handing the Princess a message, Starania politely says, “Please give King Zurich this message from King Shadak.  It is most important.”

      The Princess takes the message.

      Starania leans forward and says intently, “Listen well: your father’s powers are very great, but soon he will pass into the next world,” her voice drops to a hiss, “and you will be for the taking,” her voice goes light with sarcasm, “I’m afraid.”

      The Princess utters, “No, no, this won’t and can’t be!  My father must have a plan!”

      Starania replies sharply, “If that were so, there would be visible signs of it taking place.  Your powers are no match against ours.  You should have studied your spells harder my lady.  As some of us can’t stay in your world very long, King Shadak has plans to make you one of us.  You will rule this kingdom here for him.”

      The Princess yells, “Get out!!!  Get out!!!  Guards!!!  Guards!!!”