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The Kingdoms of Magic Book 1 Excerpt

      Daleana answers, “No ‘buts,’ go A to B.  We have no time to lose and a lot of work to do.  Summon all the fairies!”

      Princess Elise pulls out a short curved horn and blows a special signal.  Hundreds and hundreds of fairies of all kinds come quickly from all around the forest.

      Daleana stands on the bolder and whispers to Princess Elise, “I don’t think you know how much you are loved here.”

      Daleana turns to the crowd of fairies and waits for them to settle.  In a high blaring voice she belts out, “I think you all know me,” she pauses, “Treachery is threatening the land from the Underworld and a big battle is coming.  You need to pick a new queen to lead you and you need to do it now!  We will have to skip some of the formalities and pleasantries for crowning a Queen as there is a lot to prepare for, due to what King Shadak is likely planning.  Will the other Fairy Princesses please come forward?”

      Eight local Fairy Princess come forward, and four others from other parts of the land make their way through the crowd to join them.  They gather around the bolder.  Daleana welcomes them.  Princess Elise is standing next to her.

      Daleana, in a strong tone, announces, “Will the Princesses who want to be Queen please come up on the bolder.”  Elise goes to move off the bolder, but Daleana grabs her hand and pulls her back.

      Daleana whispers, “Nice try.” . . .