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The Kingdoms of Magic Book 3 Excerpt

      King Zurich is in his bed chambers.  He asks the servants to open the drapes so he can see out the window to the south west.  They help him to the window and help him open it.  Tears come to his eyes as he smiles. A small fairy brings him a message at the window. He takes it and opens it. He reads over the message. It says:

“My King Zurich,
“My Dearest Dear friend,
      “What you have asked of me is done!  It’s been a fantastic journey working with such a fine being as Queen Elise.  I can’t explain it.  We have our new Queen and she is brilliant, radiant and handling things exceptionally well, just as you thought!!  I am so proud to be a part of this with you and her and all the others!  I have no words for it.  All the people here are truly happy.  She even has the Queen of the Slyth by her side, sworn to protect her and watching over her.  We are preparing for War.
                                “Your Loyal Servant and always Your friend.  With Love,
                                “Daleana, Master Sorceress to King Zurich”

      King Zurich clutches the message in his hand and holds it close to his chest.  His tears still flow.  He wipes his eyes with his elderly shaking hand.  Time, work and battles have paid its price on his aging body.  He reaches into his robe pocket and takes out a message and gives it to the fairy.  She smiles at the King, kisses him on his nose for what he has done and flies off.  The King’s retainers help him back into bed.  He rests with a wide smile.