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The Kingdoms of Magic Book 4 Excerpt

      Queen Elise hears the thuds of ballistae launching, looks down and briefly sees moonlight shining off the spikes rising from the ships below.  She orders loudly, “Everyone back up!!!”
      But her call is too late!  The spikes impale ten of her troops.  She, herself, is impaled in the shoulder just above her armor and the two-foot-long spike is sticking out through her tunic.  She is knocked to the ground from the impact.  Daleana runs over to her.  Queen Elise gets slowly up on one knee, with the spike sticking out of her shoulder.  She yells, “Hold until they disembark.  We’ll get them coming up the cliff!!!”  She collapses in pain, her face hits the dirt and she passes out.
      Commander Monique now runs over and orders the Royal Guard to take the Queen to the Palace.
      As she is picked up by her warriors, Queen Elise opens her eyes, pushes them aside, and objects, “NO!  Have our Scout Fairies take our wounded to the Palace.  I must handle this!”  Still on her knees she has the Commander order her troops to stay hidden from the ships and watch the ledge.