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The Kingdoms of Magic Book 5 Excerpt

      In the Queen’s chambers of the Fairy Princess’s Palace, Queen Elise and Lieutenant Madison are lying on the big elaborate bed near each other.  Lieutenant Madison is facing to his right, away from the Queen.  Daleana and the Queen’s Captain of the Guard are sitting next to the bed by the Queen.  Their eyes are glued to the Queen.  Daleana is nervously tapping her fingers on her chair.  A servant comes in and brings them both tea and crumpets on a tray, places them on the small table between them and leaves.
      Daleana, sipping some tea while looking at the Queen, says smiling, “Her wings are almost back to full color.”
      As Queen Elise’s eyes slowly open her wings become more vibrant.  She starts to move around.  She puts her right hand where the wound is and grimaces.  She slowly lays her arm next to the doctor’s.  Daleana comes over to her.
      Daleana warns intently with care, “Don’t move around too much.  It was a deep wound.  I have something here for you to take that will help with the pain.  The Pirate Doctor gave it to me.  It’s eased the suffering of our wounded a lot.”  She lifts Queen Elise’s head up to pour the medicine in her mouth.
      The Queen's long hair falls upon her pillow.  As she is sipping the medicine from a long blue vial her eyes wander over to Lieutenant Madison.  She moves and turns her head slightly.  Her eyes get big as she sees a very handsome man with long wavy hair lying next to her wearing a bloody shirt.