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The Kingdoms of Magic Book 6 Excerpt

      After [the troops] pass, Commander Rank goes over to Starania and asks, “How is the Duchess?"
      Starania says, “She and her maid are fine and out cold.  My spiders do a great job.”
      Commander Rank says, “Well done!  Now the trick is to get her below ground.  I don’t think we’ll make it back to the ruins without our air,” as beads of sweat trickle down his face, “I’m gasping as it is.  We’ll head to the Volcanic Mountains.  They are close.  We can get our air there from the side vents of the Volcano and hide behind a parasitic cone.  There may be an opening still there for us to be able to go below ground if it hasn’t been filled with lava.  Let’s go quickly before they find out the Duchess is not in there and start searching.”  He signals his Lieutenant who comes over to him.
      Commander Rank quietly orders, “Take some men and head to the cliffs at Nightmare Cove.  I want you to make a false trail for them to follow.  Take it right to the edge as though we went over it.  Then go up along the coast’s cliffs leaving no tracks and meet us at the volcano summit.”
      The Lieutenant acknowledges, chooses some Tarkin Warriors and leaves.
      Commander Rank gives a signal to his warriors not to leave any tracks and makes a gesture with his arm for his warriors and Starania to move out in the direction of the volcano.  They all head for the volcano, careful not to leave tracks.  Five Tarkin Warriors stay at the end of the pack, brushing away any tracks that may remain with leafy branches to ensure no trail is left.