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The Kingdoms of Magic Book 7 Excerpt

      Queen Elise turns to Madison and answers, “Yes!  With Dielos captured they now have a coin.”

      Lieutenant Madison says, “A coin is whatever value you give it.  You are the most valuable coin in the Kingdom – especially to me.”

      Queen Elise smiles, looks Madison in the eyes, puts her hand on his arm and says, “Coming close to death made me realize many things.  One of which is to cherish the ones you love while you still can.  Life is but a whisper in time, so hold those things close to you while you can.  So I’ll hold you to that, Lieutenant.
They both smile widely.  Now on another subject, I’m going to use Commander Rank to help us get Dielos back.  He still owes me one favor and his word is good.  Now what did you want to say?”

      Lieutenant Madison says, ‘I’ll need sixty of your strongest and fastest Warrior Fairies for some special training.  And I need to start with them now.”

      Queen Elise says, “How are you going to train them on anything.  You can’t leave this bed.  If your stitches break open, it will just lay you up longer.  You shouldn’t even move around.

      Lieutenant Madison says, “I’ll coach them here what to do and I’ll need your Origami Artist to make me a few things.  It shouldn’t take long to show them what to do.”