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The Kingdoms of Magic Book 8 Excerpt

      Captain Sadana and her crews spread out over the ships below and begin lighting the fire pots and dropping them.  The Fairy Guards are keeping a sharp lookout.  With devastating accuracy the pots smash on the ships’ decks throwing flaming oil and rocks in all directions and setting the main sails on fire.
Only two miss their mark.  One breaks on the side of the ship setting shields and cargo on fire, another hits a bit forward of the main mast cremating the crew on the bow of the ship.  The crews on the sail riggings and in the lookout crow’s nests end up diving into the water before they are burnt alive.  Twelve of the ships are on fire.  The warriors and crews on the ships quickly scramble to put out the fires.  Many, crew and warriors alike, are doused with oil and set on fire or wounded by the flying rocks.
The crews try firing their Ballista but can’t reach the Fairies.

      A lookout comes rushing over to the Captain, his clothes smoldering, a bit toasted himself, and reports, “Captain, our ballista can’t reach the Fairies.”

      The King comes over and forcibly orders, “Have the ballista crews take out the sixty degree stays on the Ballista and shoot directly upward.”

      The lookout answers, “But they will come right back down on us.”

      King Lucifer screams, “Do as I say!!  And hold a shield above your head!”