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The Kingdoms of Magic Book 9 Excerpt

      From the crow’s nest a seaman shouts, “Scar Face!  Ships off the port bow.  Eleven o clock.  I think they be war ships sir, but ‘tis hard to tell from this distance.  They sure ain’t lookin’ friendly and it looks like they be takin’ battle stations!  I count five!  The wind’s against them but it looks like they be tackin’ straight for us.”

      Scar Face runs forward to the bow of the ship and looks through his glass.  He says, “Aye, five.  I’m not sure what they are, but they’re not Skavian ships.  Sound the alarm!  Man battle stations and signal our sister ships!”

      As the crew rush to their stations, Captain Cancon comes up next to him.

      Captain Cancon says, “I know these warriors.  Those are Gorkin ships.  They are not well liked but my Kingdom has an alliance with them.  You will have a tough fight on your hands.  They are barbarians and born killers, you know.”

      Scar Face looks at Captain Cancon and thinks to himself, “Aye, and you’re not?”  Aloud he asks the Captain, “I have to know if you and your men are with me in this fight or not.”

      As the pirate ships sail closer to the Gorkin ships, his men at the ready, First Officer Scar Face asks Captain Cancon again, “Will you fight with us or not?”

      Captain Cancon answers, “Yes.  You have my word.”

      Scar Face replies as they shake hands, “Thank you Captain!  That will give us a hundred extra men on each ship.  They won’t be expecting that.  Inform your men here and on the other ships.  This is what we’ll do . . . .”