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The Kingdoms of Magic Excerpt from Book 3

      Queen Elise arrives near the gazebo.  She and her guards take formation as they land, weapons at the ready.

      Commander Rank is already there with Princess Caprice.  They are sitting in the gazebo.  The Commander is taken aback to see them, between her sudden appearance and their new helmets.  He gets quickly to his feet and pulls his sword and dagger.

      Queen Elise, with great speed, pulls her ax from her back and twirls it in her hand as she walks towards him.  Her warriors follow in formation, two lancers with shields, followed by six warriors with shields and swords, then four Bow Fairies with arrows at the ready and swords at their hips.  Queen Elise stills her ax, pulls out the toe and conceals it in her hand.

      Queen Elise taunts sharply, “Commander Rank, I hope your Starkchan made it home safely, the one who came to visit me one afternoon.  I am sorry to say the others didn’t do as well.”

      Commander Rank, holding his sword in one hand and dagger in the other, twirls it to show that he can, too.  He prances joyfully down the steps of the gazebo, flapping his wings, and says, sarcastically, “Good of you to come, Princess of the Fairies.  I was so hoping you would.  I must say you look devastating in your new attire.  Before I kill you I would like to say it is a pleasure to meet you.  I have never killed a Princess before, and your beautiful wings will look good on my trophy wall.”

      Queen Elise says, laughing, “Well… I’ll have your sword for mine.”

      Commander Rank raises his hand and twenty five elite Tarkin warriors with swords and shields come out of the forest, not far from the gazebo, weapons drawn and ready to fight.  He says smiling, “As you can see there are a few more of us than at your last encounter.”

      Queen Elise, counting his men with her ax, replies jokingly, “One, two, three, ah, it’s the same odds as before.  That’s no fun.”