Gift Art
from Marquiss Graphics of the Marquiss Group

These images were created from photos posted on each person's Facebook profile.
Almost any digital image over 600 pixels can be used.
Backgrounds, if supplied, should be 1080p or better.
Use this page to request, ask, recommend or say anything you like.
No advertising, please! And please leave a way to reply to you.

Story Time: Roland W. Craig

Fantasy Princess: Heidi Thompson
Phone No.
Email Address

Patty at the quay: Patricia Berger

Egyptian Princess: Jay-Jay Juliette

Johney the Cop: Yerdjanik Aloyan

Cookout: Vardges Aloyan

Join me . . . : Marcel Femine

Fairy Princess: Magda Mugge

The Family Parlor: Lynne Olson

Patty at the ruins: Patricia Berger

Friends: Robert Marquiss

Oriental Princess: Beata Monika

If you have someone to be thankful for, we can create similar art for you to give.

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