The Order of Things: An Indian Legend
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A new story by Robert Marquiss
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   "Robert, thanks so much for a fast and fun adventure.  A good read.  I'm looking forward to your next chapter."
                                                                – Mike F

   "The surprise Joe has when he turns [in Artifact2] is the same for the reader, making you feel part of the journey.  This is where his character starts to show through and, as the reader, you gain certainty over this, especially when he goes back to protect Ripper and make peace with his kingdom [in Artifact3].  At this moment you also get a taste for this other world through that portal and want to read further to get there.  Overall, the story is enticing, exciting and just a good read.
                                                                – ML, Janet L

Story and presentation copyright © 2015, 2023 by Robert Marquiss.  All rights reserved.