Earlier this year Bob (Robert Marquiss) called me up and said he needed a new web site.
He had been shooting scenes and creating animations for a new film: Hidden Secrets.  Now he wanted
to go public and hope some people whould like his ideas well enough to support the project with
Donations.  He described the story, sent me a logo and 8 stills from his work and made sure I
remembered his PayPal log in.  Before I finished, he also sent a background image for the site, then
asked for a second "rewards" page and stat counters to find out what people looked at.  He was
happy when I got the page up on the internet(left):

The first changes were improved
wording of the story description,
a larger Donate button and added
text to ask people to help and to
list what their donations would buy

For a while we worked on the rewards
page: changing donation levels, naming
the levels and adding images of certs
and ID cards promised to donators.
We also translated both pages into
and started on Armenian.

The next change to the main page was
to add the membership ID image and a
target for donations (left):

After that, Bob sent over three more
images and dropped the target value

Somewhere along the line Bob decided
to sell advance screening tickets to
see his film a month before posting
it for the general public (left in red).

Then, a couple weeks ago, he sent me
two new rocket photos to replace the
existing ones (left below ticket:).

A week ago Bob noticed (by the stat
counters) that nobody was looking at
the "rewards" page.  So I had to add
the rewards table, the cert and a
response bar and remove the links to
the second page (right:).

Finally, just this week, Bob sent me
two more photos: one to replace one
of the robot shots, and another new
Rocket shot.  I had to rearrange
the images to make it all fit (left:).

Check out the current Hidden Secrets
Page by clicking the name here&uparr;.

16 Sep 2012   John E. Suchy

We're at it again. Robert just sent me
six new film stills and a revised one.
The truth is, a web site need never be
"done" until you are through with it!

10 Oct 2012   John E. Suchy