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The Kingdoms of Magic Book 2 Excerpt

      King Zurich answers as he looks at her, “I know.  I have already chosen a new ruler of the kingdom to take my place.”

      Princess Dielos rants rashly and angrily, “Is it a new King or a Queen?  Who?  Who?  I should be Queen here, no one else.
No one but me!  This is my Kingdom and my home!  I am the only heir to the throne!!!  I will be Queen when you are gone!!
You can give me powers!”

      King Zurich replies, “I thought you might act this way. It’s not that simple.  I have already chosen by King’s Decree who will take my place.  It has gone out by secret messenger to all that need to know and the coronation will go on as planed.  I will leave here knowing the realm is in safe hands, even though it will take some work to set it all straight.” . . .

      Princess Dielos asks angrily, “Does Commander Charles know who the new ruler is?!”

      King Zurich says, “Yes, he, his commanders and his officers do.”

      Princess Dielos states rashly, “I’ll ask Commander Charles!  He will tell me.”

      King Zurich warns, “You might as well get used to this as it is already in play.”  He calls for Commander Charles.

      Commander Charles comes in, bows to the King and stands at attention.

      Commander Charles asks, “You called for me your Majesty?”

      King Zurich says, “Yes.  Dielos has a question for you.”

      Dielos walks up to Commander Charles and commands forcefully, “I order you to tell me who the new ruler is!”

      He replies, “I am not at liberty to say, Duchess Dielos.”