Digital Portraits
by Robert Marquiss and Marquiss Studios

We made these images as gifts for friends.
We can make more for your friends: $250.00 minimum* for a high definition image**.
          ** SALE **     $95.00 minimum     ** SALE **

* Photography, costuming and complex designs cost extra.  We reserve the right to use images we make for you unless we agree otherwise.

** 4800x3000 image at 300 dpi for printing on 11x17 paper with 1/2" borders.  Choose your theme or leave that to my trained eye.

to expand each gift picture.

Oriental Princess: Beata Monika

Fairy Princess: Magda Mugge

Story Time: Roland W. Craig

Egyptian Princess: Jay-Jay Juliette

Fantasy Princess: Heidi Thompson

Patty at the quay: Patricia Berger

Johney the Cop: Yerdjanik Aloyan

Cookout: Vardges Aloyan

Join me . . . : Marcel Femine

Friends: Robert Marquiss

Patty at the ruins: Patricia Berger

The Family Parlor: Lynne Olson

Princess of the Sacred Lake: Juliet Cat

Magical Falls Princess: Gina Deli

Pirate Lady: Rose Colbert

Pirate Crewman: Robert Chandler

Captain and Lady: Robert Chandler

Tavern Owner: Robert Chandler

If you have someone to be thankful for, we can create similar art for you to give.

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