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The Kingdoms of Magic
by Robert Marquiss
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Book 1: The King is dying and war threatens ... .



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The Kingdoms of Magic Volume 1 Cover

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      "I have finished the story and can't wait for more!  It is very interesting and I love the characters!  Daleanna has a feeling of great widsom, plus I love her sense of humor!  King Shadak sounds like a very nasty and creepy individual.  I like that.  I like Chardonnay, she seems so caring and giving, but I'd probably have to say my favorite is the Gnome Winkle!  He's so cute.  So humbled. . . .
      "Can't wait to read more, so bring it on!"
                                         -- Jaye Helm

The Author: Robert Marquiss
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Map of the Kingdoms of Magic

Battle Map of the Kingdoms of Magic

Queen Elise of Nor
and a few Scout Fairies

Pirate Medical Oficer Madison
on deck on the Cross Winds Falcon

is a collection of the first nine BOOKS.

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Book 1 is now translated into Chinese

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