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Hidden Secrets: a Science Fantasy film series in the making.
by Robert Marquiss
A captured Pilot from the future is called back in time to a distant planet to save
a Sorceress, her Princess and the civilization they live in.

Shots from Episode I

The scenes below are stills from existing film and video clips.
We need to finish the Trailer and First Episode animations.

The Gate and Keeper with credits

Sir Walter recording the story

Warloock Plainsman (intro scene)

Time Traveller hiring Leach

SMC Atlantis passing through nebula

SMC Atlantis in time warp

The evil Nemis talking to Mec 49

Mec49 after time distortion
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Pilot skeleton in Cryo chamber

Servo 42

Mort checking Cryo chamber status

Morgan in Cryo chamber

Sork helping Morgan

Mec 49 in the Control Room

Morgan's Ship leaving SMC Atlantis

SMC Atlantis cloaking

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