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A Company Affair<br>Book Cover Robert Marquiss<br>Photo  A Company Affair 

 By Award Winning Author: Robert Marquiss 

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Kindle Paperback

Melissa, an Elco Armor Corp executive secretary, befriends John, an exec who has just lost his family, as spies try to kidnap her to extort her company's secrets.     READ MORE 


***** Storytelling at its best  Let's face it, storytelling is what a novel should be, what a novel is all about.  Marquiss doesn't waste time on endless descriptions of places and things.  He gets right to the story and just about the time you think you have it figured out, something unexpected happens.  The characters are developed in a way that we care what happens to them.  I highly recommend "A Company Affair"!  — Harriet 

***** Fast - good action - fun  Enjoyable tension and lots of good action and surprises. Went very fast, I guess that means it's a page-turner.  — Trax falqim 

***** I want more!  I love the continuous action and adventure with romance and pathos!  A Company Affair is not bedtime reading if you intend to get some sleep!  Itís gripping excitement.  I identified with Melissa right away!
 — Goldie Goldwasser, an avid bedtime reader! 

***** This was a completely captivating story.  I found it difficult to put the book down because I wanted to find out what happened next.  I highly recommend A Company Affair to anyone who likes a great adventure story with very good and very likeable characters.  I look forward to more adventures.  — Marianne Ditko 

***** You need to read this book absolutely fantastic very entertaining
I recommend others to buy it  — Thomas Holak 

***** Great story line!  This is a winner!!!  It's got good emotional reactions from me which is unusual.  — Herbert Shaw 

***** A fast adventure reminiscent of pulp action stories with a modern take.  You get a great dashing of quick action and intrigue with romance.
 — Jonathan C Marquiss 

***** A SOLID READ!!!!  I enjoyed this ride.  The characters and plot take on you as non stop dance.  Great writer!!!!!  — Brian F. 

***** Fast paced adventure.  Fun trying to know what famous boxer is using which ordinary personality as a secret Identity.  The description of the matches are good as well.  — Garold Johnson 

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