Falcon And The Mouse 
 The Sleeping Dragon 

 By Award Winning Author: Robert Marquiss 

 3 Reviews 


Falcon, a handicapped older man, is left for dead by the Chinatown Mob.  Dr. Wu, finding Falcon, uses his vast knowledge of ancient Chinese medicines to restore him . . . .      READ MORE 



***** Falcon is a new superhero who has much to learn about his abilities.  There is plenty of action.  I always enjoy the bad guys getting what is coming to them.  Falcon doesn't kill as a matter of honor, but he certainly slows down the rate at which the criminals terrorize others.  I am looking forward to more of the series.  — Garold Johnson 

***** The story is fast paced and gripping. Interesting description of characters.  — Martin Gibson 

***** Robert Marquiss is a very creative writer and my favorite.  This book is by the far the best one Robert Marquiss has written.  I love his ability to create and make the book jump out at you and it keeps you hooked until you finish it.  — Andrea 

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