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This is the new novel cover.  The newly rewritten novel is here!

        Our story unfolds as a professor tries to help one of his students clear his great grandfather's name by proving he was a privateer and should not have been hung as a pirate.  Viewing the ancestor's captain's log, the professor finds secret clues that lead them on a perilous journey to a hidden, forgotten island.  On the way, they find the privateer's treasures and some very unexpected secrets.  On arrival through a sacred portal, they are awestruck by the thriving mystical civilization they find, but learn that it is under threat of extinction.  Can this kingdom survive, even with their help?  Read Azeroth Prime to find out.

Story Creator : Robert Marquiss

e-mail:  [email protected]


A film in the making!

Robert Marquiss:  Creater and Producer

Art Direction Robert Marquiss

Covers By Robert Marquiss

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