The Kingdoms of Magic Map
The Original Kingdoms Layout
by Robert Marquiss
– a work in progress –
When the King dies, the fate of his realms is uncertain.



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Battle Map of the Kingdoms of Magic

The Kingdoms of Magic Battle Map Excerpt

      Commander Monique comes over to [Queen Elise] and asks, “Yes my Queen?”
      She replies, “Send this message out immediately to the outer islands.  We will be invaded at Port Royal in two days time with 50 ships.  Also, Isis Inlet will be attacked by Skavian Warriors, but we have no data yet on when. . . .”
      She turns to Prince Jenaka and says, “With this new news, may I suggest it might be good for you to go back home and have your Stemstalks prepare for war.  I will send one of my Fairies with news and instructions.  I will also send one with you to send me messages if you have any news. . . .
      Queen Elise says, “[Commander Monique,] Prince Jenaka will be leaving within the hour.  Get the Quarter Master to see what supplies he will need to take with him; also Daleana has some ointments and potions for him.”  Monique bows and leaves.
      Prince Jenaka says, “I appreciate that very much.  Thank you My Queen.”
      Queen Elise pulls out a copy of the maps and gives them to Prince Jenaka.  “Here are new, updated maps for you.”
      Prince Jenaka looks at them.
      Queen Elise explains, “On this map it shows where the Tarkins and Starkchans come to the surface.  See these here?” she points on the map, “These are the new tunnels they have dug and hidden.”
      Prince Jenaka says in surprise, “This is fantastic!  Now I know where to look out for them!  How did you get these maps?”
      Queen Elise says, smiling, “Let’s just say I have good resources.  I have a fairy stationed at each tunnel, but they will need help as they are scouts, not warriors.

The Kingdoms of Magic Book 1 Cover

Fairy Princess Elise

Princess Caprice of the Magical Falls

The Kingdoms of Magic Book 2 Cover

Winkle, Gnome      Armorer

Queen Chardonnay of the Slyth

The Kingdoms of Magic Book 3 Cover

Prince Jenaka of the Stemstalkers

Prince Sha of the      Undead

The Kingdoms of Magic Book 4 Cover

Skavian Warriors

The Pirates

The Kingdoms of Magic Book 5 Cover

Duchess Dielos

Starania of the Underworld

The Kingdoms of Magic Book 6 Cover

Sorceress Daleana

Captain Wilkin

The Kingdoms of Magic Book 7 Cover

Dungeon Spider

Underworld King Shadak

The Kingdoms of Magic Book 8 Cover

Scout Fairy Tessa

Fairy Bomber Captain Sadana

The Kingdoms of Magic Book 9 Cover

Scout Fairy Talease

Gargoyl Commander Kagarr

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