The Kingdoms of Magic Map
The Original Kingdoms Layout
by Robert Marquiss
– a work in progress –
When the King dies, the fate of his realms is uncertain.



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King's Map of the Kingdoms of Magic

The Kingdoms of Magic Map Excerpt

      Ectar asks, “My Lord, I see you are studying the map.  Shall I call in the advisors?”
      King Shadak [of the Underworld] replies, “Not yet Ectar, not yet, I have some studying to do first.  Have the map maker come and see me.  And my Captain of the Guard.”
      Ectar answers, “Yes my Lord.”  He bows and leaves.
      King Shadak runs his finger over different locations on the map, studying each.  He asks one of his servants to bring him ink, pen and paper.  The servant retrieves them from a huge bookcase in the wall and puts them on the table.  The Map Maker comes in as the king is writing down some notes.
      The Map Maker bows and asks, “You have use for me my Lord?”
      King Shadak replies, “Yes!  How up to date is this master map?”
      Map Maker answers, “It has been some time since it has been updated my Lord.  There are probably changes to be made."
      King Shadak threatens harshly, “It’s your job to keep this up to date!"  he looks at the Map Maker’s hand,  “I see you have lost two fingers on your left hand.  Maybe another two will help you stay on top of things.  Get with the Harpies, as they have no problem flying for hours above the lands.  They are not our allies, but will do most anything for money.  Give them a copy of the map and have them update it and all of the islands on it.  I also want to know where the wondering tribe is, in the north or in the south.  They are very lucrative to hit.  Also I want an updated map of our tunnels, caverns and also the new tunnels we have been digging.  Don’t fail me or you will be writing with your toes!  Now go!”
      The Map Maker, shaking, bows and backs out.

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Story Time: Roland W. Craig

Evil Queen / Headdress by Atelier Sidhe

Fantasy Princess: Heidi Thompson

Egyptian Princess: Jay-Jay Juliette

Oriental Princess: Beata Monika

Magical Falls Princess: Gina Deli

Fairy Princess: Magda Mugge

Princess of Sacred Lake: Juliet Cat
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