Cover Art, while not necessary for short stories and other works intended for inclusion in
magazines or collections, can help sell your work – or prevent the sale if poorly done.

For on-line or e-books, a front cover can be enough; print books require back covers and spines as well.

If you have the talent and want to learn about "bleed", "safe zones" and other technical considerations,
you can design it yourself.  Or you can use design tools provided by most self-publishing houses to fill
in your titles, etc. in one of their standardized forms.  Amazom's Create Space (paperbacks) and Kindle
Direct Publishing (e-books), for example, both have cover creation tools with forms and guidance.

As your third option, we can build your cover for you.

For e-books, send us your name, title, page size, a short (one line) hint what the story is about
and a description of what the art should look like and we'll give you a free quote.
You can with the information or enter it in our .

For print books we also need some items for the back cover:
A short synopsis or teaser to pull in prospective readers
The physical size of your book (we can also help with that)
Your photograph and something very short about you (optional but recommended)
Any contact information or links you want your readers to have.

Our Fine Artist and our Digital Guru are both experienced in creating top-notch book covers.