In addition to your other promotional activities, you should have at least one web site.
It improves credibility and can make it easier for your publics to find what you want them to.

There should be at least author info, news (blog?) and book description with links to buy it.
For one book or series, the site can be designed as a book site and may be only one page.
For more than one story, it should be an author's site with another separate page for each story.
If you also do art, music or any other creative work, it can be a more complex personal site.

There are a number of companies out there who make making your own website easy:
Wordpress, Google and GoDaddy to name just a few of the better known ones.
These are canned, fill-in-the-data sites that can be very good looking.

If you want something more original, we can help.
From a full web site to a normal front page to improve search engine response for Wordpress,
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Note that, whoever does your website, some work should be spent on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
This helps make it easier for people to find you.