Proofreading consists of checking for and correcting errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation
and word usage.  You need to find someone you trust who's good at each of these.
That may be one person or several depending on skill levels.

Note that some writing styles include intentional "errors".
You just need to work out the rules and stick to them.
Example: you choose "pirate speech" and decide to drop "h's" – drop them all:
" 'E 'ad to 'ave 'oney on 'is 'am."

We can do all of the above for you and throw in some extras at our option.
We co-read: an expert proofreader reads aloud to another who is following along in the text.
This makes our product nealy perfect.  To GET A QUOTE, describe your story (word count, genre, etc.):
You can with the information or enter it in our .

Once you accept our quote, you send us a Word '97 .doc copy of your story.
We'll send it back in a renamed file with all corrections highlighted
and recommended changes, if any, in a different highlight.

Realize that, whoever does it, this step must be done before publishing.