OK, you've written your story and proofread it within an inch of it's life.  Now what?  You could just send it out as a Word document.  That's the simplest form of Self Publishing and might get you a few readers among family and friends.

    These days, most people who read digital content use e-readers, and the vast majority of those need
formats labelled "PDF", "ePUB" or .  While Kindle is proprietary to Amazon and sold only
through the Amazon store, you can find programs to convert documents to the other two formats and
distribute them yourself.  works for PDF format, and , for ePUB.  Both programs are free to download and use.  Just be sure to re-proof your work after converting!

    But what if you really want to "Get Published"?  You can still send your work off to the magazines
and , wait, hope and collect rejection slips.  And you can still pay to have your book published at a vanity press.  Note that print books require covers: if you don't have a design, these people can do it for you.

    Or you can go on line to places like and Amazon's to make your story(ies) available to the world as books that will be printed on demand.  This means you don't have to pay anything up front, you get paid after the company sells your books and you can order copies at a greatly reduced price.  However, they don't promote much beyond making your book available for distribution to other sellers and on their sites.  Each of these self publishing options has wizards and instructions available – including cover design – and Amazon's are particularly good, but this can be confusing or intimidating for the first time user.

We're here to help!  We have the experience to get it done quickly and right.
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