For those of you who wish to contribute to the making of Azeroth Prime,
we wish to make it easy for you by making on-line payment possible.
And we wish to thank our contributors with gifts of appreciation:

***  If you prefer a different gift or to forego receiving one, please send us "feedback" to that effect.  ***

**  Note: Donations are neither refundable nor tax deductable. Donations will be used for Azeroth Prime to prepare the
First Draft Script, Script Breakdown, preliminary budget and production art concepts and designs including:
locations, sets, costumes, characters, props, web site, Presentation Packages, videos and music.
All of these actions are needed to get the story picked up by a studio that can do it justice.

For a $50 donation we will thank you with an 8x10 print from the B&W Art page on this site.

Your Donation

For $100 (and your address), we'll E-mail you a copy of the book, Azeroth Prime: the War Begins.

For $250, we'll send you the latest full color Azeroth Prime Poster or the new Azeroth Trilogy Poster.

Your Donation

For $500 you'll receive a full color bound studio presentation book.

For $1000 the presentation book will include all pages in the version sent to my top industry contacts.

A larger donation ($2500, $5000, $10,000) deserves a more sincere thank you.
We've considered original Art by Robert Marquiss or a "walk on" in the film,
and are open to other viable suggestions. Feel free to make them on the Feedback page.

Your Donation

Story Creator : Robert Marquiss

Assistant Writer Ray Hemphill


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summer of 2012


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